Vision Problem Symptoms

teenagers in classOftentimes, children are completely unaware of any issues with their vision — that’s just “how they see”. So how do you know when your child is living with subpar sight? Symptoms that can indicate a child may have a vision-related reading problem include:

  • Does well in arithmetic, but does not do as well with “story problems”.

  • Covers one eye when reading.

  • Headaches and discomfort around the eyes, especially if associated with reading.

  • Frequent styes, and eye may have a red appearance.

  • Tracks along print with finger as he or she reads.

  • Avoids reading rather than enjoying reading.

  • Teacher feels he or she is not able to work up to his potential.

  • Attention span seems unusually short when reading.

  • Skips words when reading aloud.

  • When finishing one line of print has problems finding the start of the next line.
If any of these symptoms apply to your child, it’s time to schedule a full eye examination with an optometrist.