Single Vision

Single vision lenses mean that you have one power put into the prescription of your glasses lenses. In other words, there is no bifocal included. These lenses are the most commonly prescribed type of lenses in the early years of life. They can be prescribed to help clear up your distance vision, or they can be be used for a specific purpose, such as only for reading or the computer. Single vision lenses have a fixed focal length, which means that they can be prescribed specifically to make vision clear at one particular distance – be at farther away or very close up.

Before you become Presbyopic, single vision glasses are often prescribed for those who have trouble seeing far away (myopic or near-sighted).  Although these glasses are set to allow you to see far away objects, your eye’s focusing system actually does all the work to allow you to see clearly for objects that are close to you.

For younger hyperopic (farsighted) people, the glasses are prescribed for distance also. People who are farsighted can often see clearly at distance and up close, but they have to work their eye’s focusing muscles all day to do this. This can lead to eye strain and headaches among other problems depending on how hard it is for the eye to bring the object into focus. Glasses for farsighted individuals allow the eye to see clearly without having to depend so much on the focusing muscles.