Choosing a frame

One of the most difficult parts of getting new eyewear, next to answering “Which is better, one or two?”, is choosing the right frames for your clear lenses, prescription sunwear, computer lenses, or other needed eyewear. These guidelines will help you find just the right frames. Being sure you get the best frame for you is an important part of full service eye care.

Your new eyewear will surround the most express part of your face — your eyes. You want it to look right and so does your doctor. Full service eye care practices take great pride in helping patients find attractive well-fitting eyewear. Following are some tips that will make frame selection much easier.

Ask about the kind of lenses that would be best for you and your prescription before starting to select frames. There are light weight lenses, low reflectance lenses, no-line lenses, cosmetically tinted lenses, ultra-thin lenses, and low curvature lenses just to name a few of the special prescription lens categories.By knowing both your prescription and lens type first, the optician or technician can help you find the frames that will look and fit the absolute best.

It is natural to move closer to the mirror to try to get a good look at the frame you are considering.But you will have a better perception of the frame’s appearance if you move back from the mirror. People will not move to within inches of your face to examine your eyewear.They will tend to notice the new eyewear and how it compliments your appearance from a distance of 10 feet or more!

Bring a friend or family member to help in frame selection. Be sure they view you from a distance of 5 to 10 feet when comparing the appearance of one frame with another.This view-from-a-distance makes it easier to pick the frames that look best on you.